What are the benefits of using Mesh technology?

Many providers offer WiFi extenders to boost poor WiFi signals. Unfortunately, these devices then chew up bandwidth and therefore speed. Our Mesh WiFi routers interlink with one another for superior WiFi performance. Unlike cheaper routers that tend to be more susceptible to interference, ours automatically select and transmit on two or three frequencies to maximise coverage and speed. You’ll still have one network, one password, and your devices seamlessly switch between each router as you move from room to room.


Plus, you can control your WiFi from the comfort of your phone with the Linksys app. Prioritise different devices if you want more speed for your laptop or game console. The parental controls let you instantly pause access on some - or all - the kid’s devices and schedule off times. So, sit back, link up and enjoy reliable coverage, flawless connections and optimised speeds without the hassle.

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