What is WiFi in Every Room and how do you install it?

Our specialist engineers will install and optimise your WiFi in Every Room service for you in up to five bedrooms and 12 rooms in total, across a maximum of three floors.


We supply Mesh WiFi routers that interlink with one another for superior WiFi performance. Unlike cheaper routers that tend to be more susceptible to interference, ours automatically select and transmit on two or three frequencies to maximise coverage and speed.


In some circumstances, our engineers may have to run Ethernet cables to more than one router. This is to ensure you get a stable WiFi connection in the hard-to-reach areas of your home. Then you can say goodbye to those WiFi dead spots - you’ll be equipped with our intelligent Mesh WiFi powered by a 100% full fibre connection.


If we can’t provide at least 10 Mbps WiFi at the furthest point from the router after your WiFi in Every Room installation, you won’t be charged. Instead, we’ll give you three months of broadband for free, and your service will return to its original package before the WiFi in Every Room service was applied.


Please note that although you may achieve WiFi coverage in nearby outbuildings, summer houses, garages and sheds, our guarantee does not include those areas.

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