Can I watch Freeview channels on my TV if I don't have an aerial?

To watch Freeview channels on your Community Fibre TV you'll need to connect your TV Box to a TV aerial. If you don't have an aerial, don't worry you can still enjoy more than 90 IP channels (these are the channels that start at 900 in your TV guide) as well as access to more than 35 apps with your Community Fibre TV service.


You can find a full list of our apps here, just scrolldown the page to see the full list. Of course some Freeview channels have their own apps, such as BBC iPlayer, where you can find some Live TV, but not all Freeview channels have this option. If you do want to watch Freeview channels live then you can buy a small aerial like this one This is recommended by our partners at NetGem, there are also several (cheaper) alternatives on Amazon and other trusted seller sites.

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