Community Fibre Service Status

Community Fibre Service Status

If you are experiencing service downtime, check out our known issues and area-specific outages below. We will update this page regularly in line with status changes provided by our Network and Engineering teams. 

Checking your service status

 In the event that you are affected by a known issue, we will keep you in the loop with regular SMS progress updates and an estimated resolution time. We will send the SMS messages to the phone number on record, so please make sure your contact details are up to date.   

Known service issue(s)






Keeping you connected

We always approach network downtime resolutions with urgency and aim to resolve all service outages affecting multiple customers within an eight-hour window. To help minimise future instances of customer downtime, we also run a programme of works for improvements across the business.  

If you have issues reconnecting to your service after we resolve the known issue, please check your WiFi name and password. It may be that your WiFi name has reverted to its factory setting name with the prefix: 'CommunityFibre_1GB___'. Your password will be on the underside of your Linksys router.  



Still need help?

If you are experiencing an issue with your service that is not listed in the Known Issues section above, please check our Technical FAQs. Or you can contact our friendly, UK-based Technical Support team - using the link below.

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