Free Broadband for Children

If you have heard about your council's scheme to provide internet for those without the means to get connected for themselves, we would advise you to reach out to your respective borough's council regarding this offer as we liaise with them to determine which residents receive this scheme.


Please also see a list of commonly asked questions below:

What information is required?
Landlords would need to provide the following details for the selected, eligible households; a contact name (first and surname), address, contact telephone number and email address.

Who will administer this scheme?
To assist with our own resource planning it would be helpful to know how many households with connectivity issues, you estimate fall into each of the above categories as soon as possible. We ask that Landlords work with their Children’s Services team to establish this information and let us know when you expect to be able to provide us with the first set of contact details.

Who would the Internet service contract be with?
The service contract will be between Community Fibre and the resident. We will put the agreement in place with the resident when we arrange their service installation. This service agreement also makes the resident responsible for the return of our equipment (router) should they no longer want the service.

Would the householder need to sign an agreement? When would this be signed?
Yes, the householder would need to sign an agreement. Our telesales team will engage with the resident to sort this out. This agreement would include our standard terms and conditions as well as covering topics around not using their broadband service for illegal purposes.

How will GDPR be managed?
The Landlord will need to obtain the consent of the resident to share their details (name, contact number, email address) with Community Fibre so that we can contact them to arrange their service installation.

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