How do I set up Community Fibre TV with Alexa?

Community Fibre TV supports voice control when paired with your Amazon Alexa device. To pair your Alexa with your device, follow those simple steps:


On your Community Fibre TV:


  • Navigate to Settings and select Voice Control. Alternatively, you can press the Speech bubble button (speech_bubble_remote.PNG) on your remote control.


On your mobile or tablet device:


  • Download and open the Alexa mobile application.
  • Navigate to More and Skills & Games.
  • Search for the skill called Community Fibre TV and select Enable to Use.
  • Input the 6 digit code that is presented on your TV screen into the Alexa application.


Your Community Fibre TV will now be paired with Alexa and ready to use voice control!


Here are a list of commands that Alexa responds to:


Going to a live channel:


E.g. Alexa, go to BBC One,

E.g. Alexa, tune to Channel 103


Searching for live TV:


E.g. Alexa, search EastEnders

E.g. Alexa, find programme called Frasier

E.g. Alexa, search for Peppa Pig


Watch a live TV programme:


E.g. Alexa, watch Homes Under the Hammer


Play on demand content from the On Demand section:


E.g. Alexa, play Grand Tour


Launching Applications:


E.g. Alexa, launch Amazon Prime Video

E.g. Alexa, go to Britbox

E.g. Alexa, start YouTube


Pause and Play live TV:


E.g. Alexa, pause

E.g. Alexa, play


Viewing the TV Guide:


Alexa, go to Guide


Changing the volume on your TV:


Alexa,  mute

Alexa, unmute

Alexa, set volume to 40

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