Getting started with the Community Fibre TV Mobile App


  • On your mobile or tablet, visit your iOS App Store or Google Play Store and download the Community Fibre TV App:


iOS users click here

Android users click here


Alternatively, you can use the QR code below:




  • Create an account using either your email address or your Google or Facebook account.


Once you have logged in to the app on your phone, you will need to link the application to your Community Fibre TV device with a 4 digit code. This code can be found on your Community Fibre TV under the Settings menu and selecting Community Fibre TV App.


That’s it! You can now use the Community Fibre TV application on your mobile phone.


To add any other mobile devices then simply repeat these steps. The 4 digit code will change each time so ensure you open the pairing screen each time to generate a new code.

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