How do I set up my USB stick for recording on my Community Fibre TV device?

Setting up your Community Fibre TV for recording has never been easier. Before you get started, please ensure that you have a USB stick with a minimum size of 32GB, there is nothing currently stored on there and that you are registered with Community Fibre TV through the mobile application.


  1. Plug in your USB drive into the back of the Netbox device.
  2. On your Community Fibre TV, navigate to the RECORDING section and follow the on screen instructions.
  3. You are now ready to start recording your favourite shows and series. All recorded shows will be in the MyTV avenue on your Community Fibre TV.


If your Community Fibre TV is having any problems reading your USB stick, please try the following: 


This will wipe all contents from your USB stick. Please ensure any items you would like to keep are saved elsewhere before completing this action.

  1. Plug your USB stick into a USB drive on your PC or laptop.
  2. Right click on the drive and select “Format”
  3. Select the “File System” as “NTFS” and select the “Quick Format” option.
  4. Click “Start”
  5. Once formatting has been completed, you can remove the USB stick from the computer and try again on your Community Fibre TV
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