My video/audio stream is buffering. What can I do?

Many things can affect video/audio streams. Buffering is caused by a dropped connection between your router and your device, so a reliable internet connection is essential to play content smoothly. The faster and more reliable your connection, the less chance there is you’ll suffer from buffering.

Here are some things to try if your streaming service is buffering: 

- Try a wired connection to rule out interference from another WiFi network

- Use a speed-checker to see if you’re getting the speed you should be. We highly recommend you read our Speed Test FAQ (Linksys and Huawei) the obtain the most accurate results

- Make sure you’re not too far from your WiFi signal and it isn’t blocked by too many walls or other obstacles like TVs and microwaves

- See if there are other people on your network and if they’re hogging the bandwidth!

- Sometimes it’s a problem with the server you’re downloading from. See if you can switch to another server.

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