What do the lights on the front of my router mean?

Your Huawei router will have a set of lights on the front, indicated by the key below:


If you are experiencing a service issue and have come here for guidance, please review our initial troubleshooting steps below:



Should be steady green, indicating that the power supply is on.

If not

  • Check the On/Off button on the rear panel is pressed


 PON (Passive Optical Network)

Should be steady green

When the PON LED is Off check:

  • Whether the optical fibre (green tipped cable) is properly connected to the Optical port


 LOS (Loss Of Service)

Should be off

When the LOS LED blinks red check 

  • Whether the optical fibre is properly connected
  • Whether the optical fibre is bent excessively 
  • Restart the modem. Press the ON/OFF button on the side of the modem (see #6 on ‘Connecting Devices to Rear of Router’) to shut it down. Turn on the modem several seconds later.
  • If the fault persists, please contact customer service via. http://www.communityfibre.co.uk/contact-us


 LAN (Local Area Network)

Should be steady on or blinking green

If the LAN LED is off check:

  • Whether the Ethernet port is securely inserted both ends
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