How do I setup Device Prioritisation so that my frequently used devices get more bandwidth?

Step 1:
Log in to the Velop Dashboard.  For instructions, click here.
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Step 2:
Tap the plus User-added image icon beside Device Prioritization.  You will then be taken to the Device Prioritization section to add devices.
NOTE:  By default, Device Prioritization is OFF on your Velop.
Step 3:
Tap Add a device.
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Step 4:
Select up to three items from the list provided then tap Save.
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After selecting a device, a Speed Test will begin to determine the best performance and prioritize your devices accordingly.  Your download speed results will be displayed.
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If you need to run a Speed Test again to fine-tune it, tap on the speed number provided by the Speed Test.
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When Device Prioritization has been configured, the Dashboard will display up to three devices.
Device Prioritization on your Velop is now properly configured.  
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