Check your Linksys Velop Speed

At Community Fibre, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers get what they pay for. As such, we need to ensure you are receiving the correct speeds which correspond to your chosen package. 


The first thing we need to take into consideration is how we are connecting to the internet. Most customers connect through Wi-Fi as it is more convenient than a cable connection. Although Wi-Fi has the advantage of convenience, it has the disadvantage of unreliability and slower speeds (especially when connecting several devices at the same time)


Please see below the expected speeds per package:

75 Mbps (wired) 75 Mbps (WiFi)*

1.4x faster than the UK average download speed & 7x faster than the UK average upload speed.

200 Mbps (wired) 200 Mbps (WiFi)

3.9x faster than the UK average download speed & 20x faster than the UK average upload speed. 

500 Mbps (wired) 250 - 450 Mbps (WiFi)

9.9x faster than the UK average download speed & 51x faster than the UK average upload speed.

1 Gbps - Avg. 920 Mbps (wired) 250 - 450 Mbps (WiFi)

19x faster than the UK average download speed & 102x faster than the UK average upload speed. It has double the bandwidth of our 500 Mbps speed.

3 Gbps (wired) 400 - 650 Mbps (WiFi)

59x faster than the UK average download speed & 306x faster than the UK average upload speed. It has more available bandwidth than any of our other speeds.

*Speeds correct as of December 2021 



In this section, we will talk about the cases where we have both a modem (ONT) + Linksys Velop router and are experiencing slow speeds. 


In regard to the Wi-Fi frequencies – 2.4GHz and 5GHz, we need to keep in mind that, although 5GHz is faster in principle, it is much more difficult for the signal to pass through walls and also it’s subject to more interference. On the flipside, 2.4GHz will provide speeds up to 450Mbps-600Mbps while still having a much easier time going through walls and combating interference from other devices. It is possible to reach great speeds in one room and not be able to connect at all in the next room. 


In some cases, moving the router to another location (away from electrical devices and larger metal objectswill noticeably increase the signal strength in some places of your home. 


To attain the most accurate result, we should always test the speed via. the Linksys App or by Ethernet cable. 


If the App is rendering slow speeds, then we should investigate. 


One common issue is that the speed test would indicate the speeds to be capped at 100mbps, even though your plan offers more. In this case, it is possible that the Ethernet cable from the modem to the router is causing issues. We should try another cable. If it still doesn’t work, you can always try to hard reset the modem and router by holding down the reset button for both devices for about 20 seconds. In addition, your device might hold an outdated network card which may only be capable of reaching speeds of 100mbps. 


Let’s say we are on a 400mbps plan, but we are only getting 150mbps on our device. 


We should first do a speed test on the App and if the speeds are indeed much lower than 400mbps we can attempt to do the following: 

  • You can try to plug a laptop straight into the modem via an Ethernet cable (if you don’t have a spare then you can use the one between the modem and router) 
  • If speeds are still much lower than expected you can attempt to reset the modem by holding the reset button for 20 sec. 
  • When the service comes back up you should test once again. 
  • If there is no change in speeds then please contact us via. detailing the issue, when it started and what troubleshooting you have attempted. 

Don’t have a laptop to test via the modem? The slow speeds on the Linksys App will be more than sufficient proof that there is an issue, so please give us a call. 


If you have a secondary router acting as an extender for the parent router, you can attempt to power down the child (secondary) router and focus on resolving the slow speeds on the parent router. It is sometimes a good idea to set up the secondary node as primary after resetting it and if all looks good setting up the primary as a secondary. 


For more information about how to run an accurate speed test, please visit our Speed FAQs. 

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