What are all the ports and sockets on the back of my router? Where do I connect my devices?

To connect your devices via. Ethernet, please use the Ethernet Ports on the rear of the router which are marked in Yellow:



1 - Fibre Optic Port - ensures the fibre cable is connected to the router. The fibre cable is the cable with a green tip and is very fragile. Please handle with caution and ensure it is not put under any strain or pressure as it can break or tear.

2 - Ethernet Ports - 4 LAN ports to connect your devices (by no means limited to; Personal Computers, Smart TVs, Game Consoles and VOIP Phones) with an Ethernet cable. This is to ensure best performance as connection by WiFi will always be slower.

3 - Power Socket - ensures the router is charged from a local power supply socket. Please ensure this is always connected and powered on.

4 - Power Switch - toggles the router’s power on/off. Please ensure this is pressed inward to ensure power is supplied to the router.

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