How do I setup port-forwarding on my router?

For most cases, UPnP, which is turned on by default on your device, will suffice to take care of forwarding the correct ports to your device.

Nevertheless, some applications require port-forwarding to be enabled manually on the router.

Log into your router

In order to configure this connect to your router on

Login with:

  • Username: root
  • Password: <MAC address of your router>

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 09.41.14.png

Navigate to port-forwarding section

Once connected put the 'Forwarding Rules' tab at the top and select 'Port Mapping Configuration' on the left menu after this.


Configure port-forwarding 

Create a new port forwarding entry by selecting 'New'.


Enter a name for the port-forwarding entry and the IP address of your device (192.168.100.x) and select 'Add'.


You have configured a internal device now to which you can attach multiple port mappings.

For this:

  • Select Protocol
  • Provide the internal port range
  • Provide the external port range
  • Apply these setting


And you're done.


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