No Internet: Self-Help Troubleshooting

In order to get you back online, there are some things that we can check and perhaps even resolve without having to call support. 

Let's start with the setup we have at home. 

We have a cable that enters our property called the drop cable. It provides us with a fast and reliable optical signal which our modem (Optical Network Terminal) will transform into an electrical signal and pass to the router (in most cases via the Ethernet cable, but here we have the Huawei Home Gateway which acts as a combined modem and router.) 

We want to check that all cables are plugged in correctly and firmly and that there is no visible damage to the drop cable.

Next, check the lights of the equipment. This is how the equipment communicates with us. We would like to see some of them green and some of them off, depending on the setup we have at home. 

In this case we have the modem and router all built in the same device. This means that troubleshooting is a bit more difficult as we cannot isolate the router and plug straight into the modem. 

The device also uses lights to communicate issues to us. We can understand what each light means by referring to the below image: 




The lights need to read as follows: 



Should be steady green, indicating that the power supply is on. 

If not 

  • Check the On/Off button on the rear panel is pressed 


   PON (Passive Optical Network)

Should be steady green 

When the PON LED is off check: 

  • Whether the optical fibre (green tipped cable) is properly connected to the Optical port 


   LOS (Loss Of Service)

Should be off 

When the LOS LED blinks red check  

  • Whether the optical fibre is properly connected 
  • Whether the optical fibre is bent excessively  
  • Restart the modem. Press the ON/OFF button on the side of the modem (see #6 on ‘Connecting Devices to Rear of Router’) to shut it down. Turn on the modem several seconds later. 
  • If the fault persists, please contact customer service via.


   LAN (Local Area Network)

Should be steady on or blinking green 

If the LAN LED is off check: 

  • Whether the Ethernet port is securely inserted both ends 


f you are able to see your network in the list of WiFi networks (SSIDs) and it starts with ‘Huawei-‘ then please perform a hard reset on the router by inserting a pin or needle into the reset hole (located on the side of the device) for at least 20 seconds. 





Your Wi-Fi name should start with CF-xxxxxx and not Huawei-xxxxxxx. Ithe network is still called Huawei-xxxxxxx then please repeat the reset process. 

If you still need assistance, please contact us via. Please try to be as descriptive of the issue and troubleshooting you’ve attempted as it will help is greatly to identify the issue while preventing us from asking redundant questions. 

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